Pressure Seal Globe Valves


Main Feed Water | Steam | High temperature, high pressure systems in power and process plants.

Product Description

Pressure Seal Globe Valves are used in On-Off or Flow Control applications for the oil and gas as well as chemical process industries. Inherently, Globe Valves exhibit a higher pressure drop than other type of valves, therefore they are used where pressure drop  across the valve is not a controlling factor.

In Globe valves the full system pressure applied to the disc is transferred to the valve stem, therefore and especially for large sizes a special attention is given to the design of the valve. Also valve trim requires special design when valves are subjected to high differential pressure throttling service.

  • Design Standard

    ANSI B16.34 or EN 12516


    Valve Type: OS&Y | Rising Stem | Welded in Seats

    Body Type: Straight through | Y-type | Angle type

    Disc Type: Plug | Needle | Throttling type

    Size Range: 2” to 18” (Other sizes are available upon request)

    Pressure Class: 900# | 1500# | 2500# | 4500#

    Material of construction: Carbon Steel (A105 and WCB), Low Alloys (F1 – WC1, F11 – WC6, F22 – WC9), High Alloys (F91 – C12A – F92) & Stainless Steel.

    Nickel alloys: Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy , Duplex, Super Duplex

    Other Materials available upon request.

  • Quality

    Materials are 100% European origin. Full traceability of all components provided with strict application of restamping procedure. Special attention is given to Disc and Seat, normally with Stellite 6 overlay, machined and lapped properly to guarantee tightness.

  • Operation

    Handwheel | Gear Operator or Actuator