Pressure Seal Gate Valves Wedge Type


Main Feed Water | Steam | High Temperature, high pressure systems in power and process plants.

Wedge can be flexible, parallel or split type.

  • Design Standard

    ASME B 16.34 or EN 12516.  Both cast or forged steel body.

  • Product Offering

    Type: OS&Y, Rising Stem, welded in seats.

    Size Range: 2” to 24” (Larger sizes are available on request)

    Pressure Class: 900# | 1500# | 2500# | 4500#

    Material of construction: Carbon Steel (A105-WCB) | Low Alloys (F1-WC1, F11-WC6, F22-WC9) | High Alloys (F91-C12A, F92 and Stainless Steels)

  • Quality

    Materials are 100% European origin. Full trace ability of all components provided with strict application of restamping procedure. Special attention is given to Wedge and Seats, normally with Stellite 6 overlay, machined properly and lapped to guarantee tightness.

  • Accessories

    Can be supplied with a bypass.