Main Feed Water | Steam | High Temperature, high pressure systems in power and process plants.

Applications include pump and compressor discharge, steam lines, condensate lines, chemical feed pumps, cooling towers, loading racks, HVAC systems, pressure pumps, sump pumps and injection lines.

  • Product Types

    Swing Check
    Tilting Disc
    Piston Check

  • Design Standards

    ANSI  B 16.34 | EN 12516 or API 6D – both cast or forged steel body

  • Product Offering

    Size Range: 2” to 24” (Other sizes are available upon request)

    Pressure Class: 900# | 1500# | 2500# | 4500#

    Material of construction: Carbon steel (A105-WCB) | Low Alloys (F1-WC1, F11-WC6, F22-WC9) | High Alloys | (F91-C12A, F92 and Stainless Steels) Other material are available upon customer’s request.

  • Quality

    Materials are 100% European origin. Full trace ability of all components by strict application of restamping procedure. Special attention is given to Pin, Disc and Seat, normally with Stellite 6 overlay, machined with precision and lapped to guarantee tightness. Cladding in various materials can be applied for corrosive and erosive applications .

  • Operation

    The following options are available upon customer request: Hand wheel or gear to be blocked in open or close position or with pneumatic, hydraulic piston for quick closing or opening.