Gate, Globe & Check for Cryogenic Service

Product Description:

Cryogenic Valves are used in the production, transportation and storage of liquefied gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, natural gas, hydrogen, or helium down to -425°F (-253.9°C). This application represents many technical challenges and requires a high quality product in terms of material, machining, overlays and cleaning.

Our Valves meet all technical specifications to work in very low temperature applications.

  • Design Features

    • Stem Extension to protect packing from low temperature (standard or on client requirement)
    • Precise machining of components
    • Perfectly degreased and cleaned
    • Special packing to avoid contamination during handling, stocking and transportation
  • Product Offering

    Size Range: Up to to 36”

    Pressure Class: 150# to 2500#

    Material of construction: Stainless Steel (F304 and F316)

    Hardfacing: Cobalt-Chrome Alloys Sealing Surfaces

  • Quality

    Materials are 100% European origin. Full trace ability of all components provided with strict application of restamping procedure.