Bolted Bonnet Wedge Type Gate Valve

Product Description:

Gate valves are on-off multi turn valves widely used in oil and gas and chemical process applications.

  • Valve Types

    Rising Stem

  • Design Standards

    API 600 | ANSI B16.34 | EN 12516. Available both in forged or cast steel body. Trim as per API 600.

  • Product Offering

    Size Range: 2” to 64”

    Pressure Class: 150# | 300# | 600#  Higher pressure classes are available on demand.

    Material of construction: Carbon Steel (A105-WCB) | Low Alloys (F1-WC1, F11-WC6, F22-WC9) | High Alloys(F91-C12A, F92, Stainless Steel) | Nickel Alloys (Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex & Super Duplex)

  • Quality

    Materials are 100% European origin. Full trace ability of all components by strict application of restamping procedure.

  • Operation

    Handwheel | Gear Operator | Actuator